L035 Round Stone Shed

$ 99.00

An adorable round shed, made of stone, was the centerpiece of this little garden area. With a wooden door and surrounded by flagstones and flowers, this little spot just begged to be photographed for my seasonal lenticular series.

I carefully chose my composition, and wrote down my location so that I could return again in winter. The contrasting images create a contemplative singular work of art..

2-phase lenticular art, that changes as the viewer moves.

Available in two sizes:
  • 6.5 x 6.5 inch art, matted to 12 x 12 inches or matted & framed to 12 by 12 inches
  • 16 x16 inch art, framed or unframed
Available framed:
  • 12x12 inch frames are Black aluminum
  • 16x16 inch frames are Brushed Silver aluminum

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