NSA 2020 Virtual Gallery Exhibition

Artist Statement:  People are one of my favorite subjects for 3D photography. The stereo pairs in this virtual gallery exhibition are from a series of Superhero, Steam Punk portraits. Although each composition was directed and photographed by me, these photographs would not be possible without the help of the individual models, make up artists, costume designers, stylists, and my wife Nancy who assisted me in the studio.

Technical Details:  These models were photographed with the intent of me creating 3D lenticular prints. I set up a black backdrop and used two continuous LED lights shooting through white umbrellas. My camera was mounted on a one-meter rail supported by two tripods. I usually shoot between 50 to 70 exposures as I slide the camera across the rail. Each frame captures the subject from a different horizontal parallax. The stereo pairs displayed here are not adjacent frames. Most have about a 10-frame offset. My personal preference is to make my 3D portraits a bit on the hyper side.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.